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A combination of the industry’s best qualified professionals and most modern machinery we have what it takes to maintain high quality throughout the production line.

Eiken Mekaniske Verksted

Complete Deliveries To Customer Demanding

Windpower Products

One of our flagship products is the Rock Adapter, a pioneering innovation developed in close collaboration between Energos Equipment and Wind Technique AS.

Offshore Products

As a trusted industry leader, Eiken provides a diverse selection of high-performance machines tailored to meet the unique challenges of the offshore environment.

Land-based Products

We’re equally committed to offering a comprehensive selection of machinery for onshore operations that combine innovation, reliability, and performance.

Marine Products

We’ve curated a vast selection of innovative machines specifically engineered to withstand offshore environments.


We are deeply involved in constructing and assembling equipment essential for hydropower generation.

About Us

Over 40 Years Experience

Eiken mekaniske verksted AS currently has around 40 employees, and member of Energos Group.

Eiken mekaniske verksted AS’s long tradition of good manufacturing solutions continues today at our main facilities in Hægebostad municipality in the northern part of Lister region.

Modern Machinery

Energos Equipment`s workshops consist of four modern production units, with a total area of 4,000 square meters. We perform everything within:

  • Structural design, manufacture, metal work and welding
  • Machining, advanced rotary -and milling tasks with a state of the art machine park
  • Installation and electrical, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies
  • Surface treatment, sandblasting, special paint and industrial paint
  • Testing equipment, hydraulics, mechatronics and electronics


We always work closely with the customer throughout. Some of our reference projects NOV / MH:

  • Catwalk Machines
  • Travelling Blocks
  • Bridge Cranes
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Hydra Tongs

+ Many more


The company has since 1993 been certified acc. ISO 9001

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