We firmly believe that our Quality Policy is not just a commitment but a culture that permeates through each team and each process, making it integral to our identity. This policy, that emphasizes customer satisfaction, value creation, continuous improvement, and compliance with regulations, sets the foundation for our business operations.

  • All employees at Energos Equipment AS must be focused on delivering products and services in accordance with our own and the customer’s requirements and expectations.

  • Put the customer’s needs in focus.

  • We will each take responsibility for quality within the work tasks we have, but also contribute to improving quality in the entire business.

  • We want to add value to our customers and our local environment, and deliver groundbreaking business solutions by choosing the best practices and by showing a flexible, focused, fast and friendly attitude.
  • We will increase the value of shareholders by creating a mission-oriented, innovative culture that utilizes the group’s total capabilities and experience, constantly trying to create new customer connections and products.

  • Be available to customers.

  • We are committed to working with continuous improvement work, we will learn from our mistakes so we can avoid them in the future.

  • We are committed to comply with all laws and regulations that are relevant to our business.