Offshore Products

As a trusted industry leader, Eiken provides a diverse selection of high-performance machines tailored to meet the unique challenges of the offshore environment.

Innovative and Robust Products

With expertise spanning across various applications, we pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and reliability in offshore operations.

From sophisticated Pipehandling Cranes to precision-driven Torque Wrenches for DDM, our product line is designed to ensure the optimal performance of your offshore projects.

We offer innovative and robust tools such as Bridge Cranes, Gantry Cranes, and Hydraulically Winches, all renowned for their durability and capacity to withstand harsh marine conditions.

offshore product

Product Sortiment Offshore

  • Pipe handling Cranes
  • Bridge crane and gantry crane
  • Hydraulically winscher
  • Torque Wrench for DDM
  • Travelling Block 
  • Dolly (Ledevogn.) for DDM og Travelling Block
  • Hydraulically cathead
  • Power slips
  • Catwalk machine/matebord
  • Gripper head
  • Mechanical gripper and twist gripper
  • Hydra racker
  • Hydraulically roughneck
  • Drillfloor manipulator arm
  • Modul handling derrick
  • Offshore craner
  • Hydraulically vinsjer
  • Hydraulically poweruniter
  • Service platforms
  • BOP-carrier
  • BOP-guiding system
  • Sub hole guiding
  • BOP handling cranse

Contact for Offshore Products

Interested in elevating your offshore operations? Don’t hesitate to reach out for an informal discussion about how our state-of-the-art products can transform your company’s offshore capabilities.