Land-based Industries

We’re equally committed to offering a comprehensive selection of machinery for onshore operations that combine innovation, reliability, and performance.

Land-based Operations to the Next Level

Whether you’re involved in new construction, repairs, maintenance or modification of industrial equipment, our products ensure the smooth execution of your operations. We also specialize in customizing vehicles, offering modifications that cater specifically to your business’s unique requirements.

Furthermore, we take pride in our unique offerings such as Launchers for research rockets (Andøya), contributing to the advancement of scientific exploration.

Product Sortiment for Land-based Industries

  • Steel structures for industrial halls
  • New construction / repairs / maintenance and modification of equipment for industrial equipment
  • Supplementary / modifies vehicles
  • Work Platforms
  • Launcher for research rockets (Andøya)

Timber and Silo Claw

Introducing our Timber Claw and Silo Claw, meticulously designed to handle tough material handling tasks with ease and precision.

  • Opening: 1000 m / m
  • Cylinder: 70-40-200 m / m
  • Hoses 2 Units m / hurtigk.3 / 8 “1400m / m
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Width from 680 – 1000 m / m
  • Upper claw standard width (triangle) 280-1000 m / m
  • Quick mounting to most types.

Contact for Land-based Industries

Eager to elevate your land-based operations? Reach out for an informal discussion about how our versatile machinery and services can boost your company’s industrial performance.