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Info regarding name change of companies in the group

RSM Contract is part of the industrial group E-R Group AS. E-R Group AS was established in connection with the merger between Eiken Mekaniske verksted AS and RSM Group AS. The purpose of the merger was to become more competitive within our business areas with the utilization of expertise and capacity across the companies. This work is well under way and we are experiencing good projects and discussions with our partners. We have also strengthened our technology platform for energy recovery by acquiring all rights to the so-called Energos technology-compact energy recovery plant with world-class low emissions. There are a number of international reference facilities with over 80,000 operating hours.

We have decided to operate under a brand name and therefore use the brand name Energos for all the companies that are part of the E-R Group. Eiken Mekaniske verksted AS will from now on operate under Energos Equipment AS. Even though we get a new logo and company name, we will still deliver the products and services we are known for -with high quality and efficient implementation.

Energos Group and subsidiary will provide products and services in sectors such as hydropower, district heating, energy recovery, offshore, gas, etc. See our website energosgroup.no for the services we can deliver to make your business more efficient.

Energos Equipment AS continues with the same VAT registration number and tax ID Number.
We only change the name of the company.